Introducing your new choice of viral vector
RetroNext & LentiNext
We engineer key vector components and assemble the new components based on systems-level designs.
Redefining the standards of safety and efficiency

Improved safety

Site of integration for transgenes plays a critical role in the safety of viral vectors. If integration occurs in or near a proto-oncogene, the gene misregulation could cause normal cells to become cancerous. Using synthetic biology we have developed components that shift integration of transgenes away from these dangerous genomic regions. Therefore, our vectors are significantly safer than conventional vectors by minimizing risks for developing cancerous cells and clonal expansion.

Enhanced efficiency

We have engineered selected components to enhance transduction efficiencies in our vectors over conventional vectors. The enhanced transduction can be applied across modalities including immune cells (such as T and NK cells) for cell therapies.

RetroNext and LentiNext were developed by engineering key vector components and assembling the new components based on systems-level designs.

Our platforms can be engineered to select the best components for your application
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Upgrade your therapy with Bio Design Lab’s RetroNext and LentiNext platforms.